How does Happy Days select the products it sells?

Simply, they have to be cool!  We have a dedicated purchasing team that have scoured the planet seeking out product that is funky, different and really useful.  Our team personally trial the products and if they live up to our high expectations they are in!  We sell product that is from both New Zealand and overseas and love supporting innovative New Zealand companies and their products.


Why do you only have a few products for sale at once?

Simply, that’s our thing.  We like to focus on quality not quantity, so only stock a few items at once.  Sure that means that there may not be something for everyone, every time we change our product listings and we are OK with that.  We want our customers to have a Happy Day when they buy a product from us and by stocking a few items at once we can keep our eye on the ball!


What sort of guarantees do your products have?

All our products have at least a one year guarantee and we offer replacement, repair or a refund on any faulty items during this period, in accordance with our obligations under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993.  We want our customers to be happy, so if you have a fault with your product or it arrives damaged, let us know and we will sort things out.  

We work really hard to make sure things go well for our customers, but if by chance something isn’t quite right contact our Customer Services team and whatever the problem we will work really hard to ensure you get a great outcome.


Are you one of those online stores that send out a lot of emails?

We know it can be annoying receiving a heap of emails and at Happy Days we try and keep our communications down to a practical amount.  Many of our emails relate to the purchasing process (like receipts and delivery notification) so these are pretty important.  From time to time we will also send out emails telling customers about new products that have been listed.  We only have a few products listed at a time so this won’t amount to a lot of emails, but if you feel like you are receiving too many emails you can simply unsubscribe at any time, by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email.  If you unsubscribe you will still receive the important emails relating to your account, such as order receipts and delivery notifications.


How quickly will you reply to my online enquiry?

As soon as we physically can!  Our customer service team works really hard to answer customer enquiries; but please note that we aren’t open 24 hours a day, and our hardworking team need to eat, sleep, and do the odd outdoor pursuit every now and again, so this is an indicative timeframe. We want happy customers, so we will answer your enquiry as soon as we can and help sort stuff out.