Happy Days is dedicated to ensuring clients have the best products and experiences. If your order is not up to scratch just let us know and we will help sort things out. Clients are covered by the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993.

The most common circumstances in which an item can be returned are;

  • The product has a fault
  • You have been sent the wrong product



Depending on the nature of the fault we will offer to repair, replace (subject to availability) or refund the item. If the item has a major fault in accordance with the Law, you are entitled to choose between a refund, repair or replacement of the item (subject to availability).

We will be able to propose a remedy to the fault once we have received the goods and have had a chance to assess the fault.  In some instances, we may request photographic evidence of the fault and request you not to return the product. If you are required to return the item to us, you will be provided with a paid return method.

If you need to return a product, please contact the Customer Services Team and they will supply you with a Returns Request Form.

Sent the Wrong Product

If by chance you get sent the wrong product, whoops we are really sorry! Just contact our Customer Services Team and we will send you the right product and provide you with a paid return method to get the wrong product back to us.

Happy Days Change of Mind Policy?

Simply, we do not have a Change of Mind Policy. We provide our clients with large amounts of information about products on the website and we expect people to carefully consider their purchases before making them. Naturally we will remedy situations where there are legitimate circumstances for product Returns (as per above), but people changing their mind once they have received their product is not one of these circumstances. We want people to have great purchasing experiences so please choose carefully and it will be Happy Days for all!


Are there circumstances in which a Return wouldn’t be offered?

Yes, there are some instances in which we will not accept a Returns submission. These are common sense situations, where the item has been lost or destroyed by you; the product has been damaged after it has been delivered, the product has been incorporated into, or attached to some other property; the period of time since supply and circumstances are such that we are permitted by the Law to decline a Refund.

Should you have any questions or concerns about this policy or a product you have received, please get in touch with our Customer Services Team and we will help you out.