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2 for 1 DEAL - Grippa Zippa - Emergency Tyre Traction Ties

2 for 1 Deal – Grippa Zippa – Emergency tyre traction ties

A brilliantly designed, easy to use alternative traction device for snow and mud that fits nearly any kind of tyre!

  • High-quality and reusable plastic material.
  • Each tie has a max. circumference of up to 940mm.
  • Please check the circumference of your tyre first to ensure they will fit.
  • Compatible on alloy rims only. Product cannot be used on steel rims.
  • Package Size (L x W x H): 480 x 180 x 10
  • Package Contents: 10 ties (5 per tyre)

Pickup an amazing 2 for 1 Deal today! Pop one unit in the cart, and we’ll send you 2 sets.

Winter is here! That means we’ll be seeing a lot more rain, more mud, more snow and more chances of your vehicle getting (dare we say it) stuck in the aforementioned mess. Avoid a sticky situation this season by keeping a set of handy Grippa Zippas in your car.

This well designed product is so handy and easy to install. By adding extra traction to your tyres when you need it most, the Grippa Zippas will get you out of snow, mud or sand.

Grippa Zippas are a must have for every car! Light, compact, and reusable – there is no reason they shouldn’t be a part of your emergency car kit year round. So go on, invest in a little peace of mind, buy you and your family a set of Grippa Zippas today.

Grippa Zippa is NOT designed for driving long distances. They are designed to use when your vehicle is stuck and only to be driven a short distance until you are unstuck and back to safety.