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Tallon GO - Ultimate Drink Holder and Free Travel Mug

Tallon GO – Ultimate Drink Holder and Travel Mug

The Tallon GO is a universal drink holder that holds anything, anywhere!

  • Mounts quickly and securely to any Action Camera Mount.
  • Supplied with universal action camera mount.
  • Supplied with Tallon Fusion Adhesive Pad, featuring rock solid grip with no-mark removal.
  • Tough, high-strength composite construction.

Cruising in the car? Fishing off the boat? Jogging with the baby? Digging in the digger? Zipping around on the quad bike? Parched? Problem solved.

The Tallon GO universal drink will holds any drinking vessel and can be fitted to most surfaces! The products Sticks-on and Snaps-in to Cars, Trucks, Boats, Buggies, Bikes, Wheelchairs, Aircraft – just about anywhere you need to rehydrate.
The holder has unique stepped interior for different sized bottles, cups, cans & tumblers. But even more importantly, it has a cut-out design to cater for wine glasses… oh, and mugs. The rubber ‘fingers’ grip your drinking vessel of choice which stop it from moving & rattling, meaning less spills! Yippee!

The Tallon GO also comes with a free stainless travel mug… A match made in rehydration heaven.